Monday, October 25, 2004

Getting Started

Hello Everyone! James Duggan here from Financial Freedom Society Inc. and the Elite Team International.

I have been with FFSI/RQ for about six months now and my team is growing stronger everyday. As a result of this I am looking at ways to better communicate with everyone. For all you who are just getting started I know how anxious you are to start building your business.

I hope this helps everyone in that endeavor!

My goals in creating this blog are:

1. Improve Communication
2. Share Ideas
3. Listen to Suggestions
4. Build Relationships
5. Develop Leadership Skills
6. Motivate each other
7. Grow our Business

I am inviting everyone to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.
There will be postings from time to time with general information as well as helpful information for new reps from me .

You are encouraged to post your good or bad experiences, successes and mistakes as well. This way we can all learn and hopefully benefit from each others knowledge.

I am by no means trying to take anything away from our Yahoo groups. They are excellent tools that I use everyday.I just think we can focus better on our own "local" needs and interests by sharing on a smaller scale.

I look forward to working together with everyone and wish you all the best!

James Duggan
Elite Team USA - Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom
Toll Free 1-866-365-4203


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