Friday, November 05, 2004

Following Up

Really Great Article On Following Up
I found this article a while back in an article directory.It had reprint rights and I copies it with the intention ofrunning it in my ezine, but I never did. I think it's thebest article I've ever read on follow-up.
------- "Sorry But ...You Never Called"By Joe Robson


I think you will remember me. About 12 months ago I visited your beautiful Website, and bought Book 1 of the series called 'How To Persuade Your Customers To Buy From You For Life - and Longer'.
It was excellent.

In fact I was so pleased that I decided to thank you, and to compliment you on your excellent customer service.
But you know how it is. I never quite seemed to get round to it. Never mind, I thought, those nice people are bound to send me a Thank you email. I'll hit reply and do it then.
But you never called!

After about a month I was beginning to feel confident about progressing to Book 2. But I wasn't absolutely sure if I was ready. I don't really like admitting this, but I think I needed a little 'push' from someone. To be honest I think I was secretly hoping you would contact me.
But you never called!

I felt a little silly at first, but your book said that most people need reassurance before making a purchase. They call it human nature.The book also said that a professional Website builds reassurance into its Sales Copy.

Well I certainly felt reassured when I bought from you. So I suppose it was there somewhere. All I know is that your Website made me feel like I could trust you.Anyway, about 2 months later I made up my mind that I would definitely buy book 2. But then a funny thing happened.While I was trying to find your URL a little voice in my mind began to question your professionalism. Isn't that silly? After all, a company with such a beautiful Website like yours MUST be professional.
And then it hit me!
OF COURSE. You hadn't got in touch because you didn't want to seem too pushy! The book said that lots of people are like that. So I left my order just a little longer.
But you still never called!

Then one day I stumbled across a Website that was selling Book 2. I was surprised because I thought I could only buy it from you. It was a super site and very professional, and that's something I always look for in a business.
But you'll never guess what happened. I'm ashamed to say, that on the spur of the moment I bought Book 2. Sorry, but I was thinking of buying it anyway and I just couldn't help myself.It turned out to be a really brilliant book. And I made up my mind to email them with my thanks. But you know how it is. I never seemed to get round to it.
Then they called!

It was a really nice email thanking me for my business. I was absolutely thrilled they had taken the time to send it. It was from a terribly nice European guy called Otto Responder. His grammar was excellent but seemed to lack that, you know, personal touch. It was probably his accent. But it was still kind of him don't you think?So I replied immediately and later they put my email on their Website as a Testimonial.

You have no idea how pleased I was when they asked for my permission. Mind you I was a little disappointed that Otto never asked me. He seemed like such a gentleman. And so prompt!Anyway, they were so pleased with the extra business they made because of my Testimonial, that Otto emailed me to say I was now a Privileged Customer, and as such I qualified for a discount on Book 3. And if I bought Books 3 and 4 together I would receive an even bigger discount.
Imagine ME, a privileged customer. I was so proud!
Then they called!

It was Otto Responder again and he reminded me that such a big discount on Books 3 and 4 could only be given if I purchased within 7 days. So naturally I grabbed the chance while I still had time. Well, wouldn't you? And it's always such a pleasure to deal with real professionals. Don't you think?
I'm on Book 573 now.
And do you know they STILL call me! Isn't that nice?
And yet, even though I'm delighted with Otto's service, I do sometimes feel a little twinge of guilt. After all I bought Book 1 from you. And like it says in the book, customers are usually pretty loyal.
So I hope you're not too displeased with me. But you're such a professional company I'm sure you're only too happy I'm being well looked after.
And I know you will believe me when I say I really did intend to buy from you.
But you see ......
You never called!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Joe Robson owns The Newbie Club at http://newbieclub.comand is the author of Make Your Words Sell with Ken Evoy at His universally respected Web Copywriting tutorial site is at


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