Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Six Steps To Success

Six Steps To SuccessBy James Duggan

If you have been online for more than a day you have seen the outrageous claims being made.

Some claim they make more in one week that most earn in a year.

Some claim they can build your mailing list to the size of a small city in 24 hours.

Others claim that, if you just pay a small fee, they will actually build your business for you with no work on your part.

Gimme a break!

There IS a proven path to success on the Internet, but it's not by lying to people and looking like a fool.

It IS by following in the footsteps of other successful people, people of integrity and substance, and by following a simple plan.

And I'm going to give you a sneak peek at that plan right now, free.

Here now are the six steps to success online.

1. Be yourself.

If you are a laid back type of person don't go for those programs that offer the razzle dazzle approach. It just won't fit you and people will know.

If you have only 5 hours a week to commit to a program don't let some eager beaver convince you that you can squeeze 10 hours into the five. You will be frustrated at best.

Knowing what you want and knowing what you are comfortable doing are two very important keys to succeeding online.

2. Go for quality.

It has often been said that when a person believes in what they are doing their business becomes more fun than work. I can tell you first hand that this is true.

You are a person of quality. Don't align yourself with anything less than a product or program that you would be happy to share over the dinner table with friends or a family reunion.

Life is too short to not be completely proud of how you make a living online.

3. Think long term.

No real business was built in a week or a month and yours will be no exception. Yes, the Internet gives us some *huge*advantages over offline businesses, and success can come quickly indeed.

The key here is to look at your business as business, not a scheme. The more you invest of yourself, the more return you will receive.

The beautiful thing about doing business online is something called residual or passive income. Be sure to look for a business that offers you the chance to work once and be paid for that work many times by building a team of associates who can share your success.

4. Get a mentor.

You must have a road map to success and you must *not* go it alone. Would you begin a cross country trip without a map or a guide?

Now that the Internet is maturing, we can see from experience that one of the differences between those who succeed quickly and easily and those who learn by costly and painful trial and error is obvious.

The ones who succeed in record time are those who have helpi n the form of a mentor.

Someone to help them. Someone to answer questions. Someone to help them avoid the mistakes that are all too easy to make.

Of the six steps outlined here, finding a great mentor is my#1 suggestion. It simply works!

5. Offer what people really want.

Many people online get all excited about a great product but then can't succeed in marketing it. The reason is that they have put "the cart before the horse" and don't understand the process of marketing.

Your mentor will help you find great products. He or she will undoubtedly point you toward products that people really need and want, and will buy online.

Products that people use in their everyday lives, and not odd or unusual products are what people buy online.

6. Check it out.

No matter what business you choose, check out the company before you commit. Any company worth considering will have both testimonials on file and someone you can communicate with who has succeeded with their opportunity.

Don't simply read a sales letter and become convinced. Ask the questions you would recommend that your son or daughter would ask if they were considering a home business.

Doing business online is incredibly rewarding. Being able to earn income by helping others, not punching a time clock,and having the freedom to set your own hours are the 21st Century dream come true.

If you use the six steps above, you can make *your* dream come true too!

James Duggan is living his dream right now! “Jim” found a company to believe in, a mentor who helps him, and is creating a powerful residual income at FFSI with Anne Ahira and the Elite Team International. You can succeed beyond your wildest dreams when you have a mentor who cares, a company that is rock-solid and products you are proud to offer.Start your journey to success today at:


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