Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Don't File Your Taxes

Before you file your income tax this year you may want to check this out!
There's a new book out now detailing these facts and lots more.
Did you know that………

“People who run a small or home-based business, now qualify for a greater array of tax advantages than any other category of taxpayer!”Even the super-rich, with their high-priced tax lawyers, can't get the tax breaks that YOU can, simply by trying to make a profit operating a "side-business.”

Congress wants to reward taxpaying Americans just like YOU who have a home-based business, because it is good for the overall U.S. economy. They've passed legislation that allows HUGE tax breaks to encourage your success. They'll even let you take tax deductions on losses from your home-based business, even year after year, as long as you are actively and legitimately pursuing a profit.

I wouldn’t recommend starting a home business just to take advantage of these tax breaks
but it is something to consider if you’re still undecided.

For more information or to pick up a copy of the book click here .


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