Monday, January 10, 2005

My First Signup!

Congratulations! You finally got your first rep to sign up with you.
Now what do you do ?

First of all give yourself a pat on the back. It took a lot of hard work and frustration to finally get there. YEEESSSSSS !!!!!

Aren’t you glad you decided not to quit and stick it out for just a little longer !!
Maybe there is something to this Elite Team. Ah heck, I knew you could do it all along!

Ok, get back in your chair and on your computer to get down to business.
I have written a simple guide to follow so you don’t miss anything. It’s nothing difficult but you should know what to do when your time comes.

Actually you can do some of this while you are still waiting on that email from FFSI.
For those of you who don’t know……’s what it looks like:

“You have a new FFSI enrollment”

It’s actually in normal size but it looks much bigger the first time you see it. And it makes you feel great knowing that all those hours and hours you spent on the computer were not wasted.

You can prepare a welcome letter to your new reps and save it as a draft in your email thanking them for joining with you and offering your support and encouragement.

You can also ask them what took so long and why didn’t they bring a friend? :-)

Next you should notify Elite Team Support. The website URL is

Note: This guide is designed for new reps that you enroll not for reps placed under you from spillover. Only the enroller notifies support!

There you will see a drop down menu to choose from. Obviously you will select “I have a new downline” and enter your information as well as your new reps’.

It probably wastes a lot of paper and ink but I like to print the finished page and place it in my records so I know for sure that I remembered to do this step.

Now you want to brag a little bit so you let your upline (at least three levels) know that you are NOT the loser they thought you were. ;-)
Just send them a simple note asking them to please welcome our new rep.

Include contact information so they can send their welcome letter also. This is especially important to let your new reps know the kind of support they will be getting.

It's a really good feeling to know you are not "going it alone".

You’re not finished yet! If your new rep has been receiving follow-up emails from your Aweber autoresponder you should go there, find their name under leads and check the box to stop the follow up messages. They shouldn’t be needing them anymore at this point! :-)

You may also want to call him/her on the phone and introduce yourself. It’s been my experience that some people are more open to this than others so just use your own judgment on this one.

That’s it!

To review:
• Send a welcome letter
• Notify support at:
• Notify your upline at least three levels
• Stop Aweber messages
• Call your new rep!

Of course, once you start getting more reps you may want to consider where you want to place them in your organization but we’ll save that for another time!

I would like to encourage you to post any helpful hints,tips or tricks
and please feel free to ad new comments!
Best Wishes,

James Duggan
Elite Team USA – Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom
Toll Free 1-866-365-4203


At January 14, 2005 at 6:35 PM, Blogger WillieCrawford said...

Great tips Jim. I just want to encourge our team members to hang in there. You never know where you next signup is going to come from.

I also heard the story of Derrick's sponsor quitting just after Derrick joined. He'd be making a small fortune in just residual income from Derrick's signups if he'd stuck with it a while long.

You only need to sign up a few people and help them to do the same to earn a very nice income with FFSI. You're also helping them to improve their lives while you're earning that nice income.

Willie Crawford


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