Monday, July 03, 2006

Financial Freedom Society as a Way of Life

Financial Freedom Society is still growing strongly
and is still one of if not "the best" internet based
home business opportunities available today.

Here's a recent post from Derek who's been with FFSI for
quite a long time and has achieved tremendous success.


Someone recently mentioned to me that we are not doing as much to
motivate people in this group as we did in the past. The main reason
for that is that I have learned over the last couple of years that
motivation must come from within. Every one of you who truly wants to
succeed in this business is taking action and making it happen on a
regular basis. All of you want to succeed, but those of you who are
truly motivated will succeed.

When I joined, my enroller cancelled the following week. I did not
have someone to "support" or motivate me. I decided that it was the
right business for me and his decision to cancel was his decision -
it did not affect me in any way. My motivation was my daily life not
being what I wanted it to be, and every day of my existence was a new
reminder that I must succeed in improving my situation, and I had
decided that this business was the best way to accomplish that.

I have people that come to me asking me to motivate them, or they ask
me what I am going to do for them so that they will be successful. I
do things to help people all the time, but I can't make you build
your business and ultimately, though it is reasonable to expect help,
it is up to you whether you succeed or not.

There are very few people on earth who are truly content with their
personal situation. It is ironic that those who can afford the things
in life that they want are those that usually do not have the time to
enjoy it. In other words, most people either do not have the
financial viability to travel, to live comfortably without having to
worry about their personal finances or to provide their families with
everything they wish to provide. Those that do have the financial
ability to do those things usually work so hard that they do not have
the time to enjoy them.

I was listening to a radio talk show today. The host is nationally
syndicated and very likely makes a high six figure salary (or more)
and he was proudly describing his hi-def entertainment system set up
in his basement. He was obviously very proud of it and went on to
talk about how all of the games and movies he has bought for it are
still in the cellophane because he is always working. He also spoke
proudly of his two young daughters, but then mentioned that he sees
them about two hours per week. This man makes a great salary and can
provide his family with material goods, but is he happy?

My daughter has a friend that comes to play frequently, and she (and
other friends of my two kids) are always amazed that both of their
parents - my wife and I - are home and have the free time to play
with them. The one girl, who is her at my house as I write this
playing with my daughter, has two parents that work, but she has
never been on a family vacation, had never been to a movie until she
went with us recently, and has never "played" with her parents. Those
parents have never played a game or anything else with their
children. They are too busy trying to survive week to week. That's
the way a lot of people are and that is the way I used to be. It's
not their fault, but it's not a good way to live.

My point? Think about all the ways within your reach of improving
your quality of life, and I think you will find that there is not a
better way than being a member of Financial Freedom Society - as a
customer and user of the services, and as a representative making a
residual monthly income. For most people, there really is no other
way. You should want this for yourself and others in your family and
warm market, and if you think about the difference between success
and failure (taking consistent action, calling leads, etc.) you
should be willing and eager to do what it takes to succeed because it
is worth it, and it will be life changing in every positive way.

Derek Bohlken

For more information about the Financial Freedom Society go to

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