Friday, December 10, 2004

JV Conference in Orlando

I recently had the pleasure of attending the "by invitation only"Joint Venture Conference produced by Michael Penland in Orlando, Florida. WOW! What a weekend.

The room was filled with over 140 distinguished people from at least 5 countries around the world. The line up of professional speakers and motivators was unrivaled so let me tell you this was an experience I will never forget.

Just some of the top marketers I met included Michael Penland (of course), Ted Ciuba, Willie Crawford a good friend of mine and without a doubt the most popular among his peers, Jason Cox the 19 yr. old up and coming millionaire, Alan Bechtold, Sydney Johnston the "Queen of Ebay" , Joel Christopher the "Master List Builder" and a host of others.

Oh, did I mention Glenn W. Turner the 70 year old motivator of "Dare To Be Great" fame who still acts like he's a kid and has the ability to put a smile on the face of every person he meets.

This was three grueling 12 hour days of learning the best joint venture marketing tips from the best in the world. By the end of the day on Sunday my mind suffered total overload.........which brings me to the point of this message.

I mentioned to Willie after the conference that I had overfed my brain like a glutton at a King's feast in the days of old and I feared I would have to purge myself to relieve the pressure. But then I would not be able to remember all of the tasty morsels of brain food I had so eagerly stuffed into my mind.

He very calmly said. "Just take one or two of the things you've learned and put them to use." That's it..... that's all he said....just do something with what you've learned. How simple! Why didn't I think of that? If I had, I would have written the following article. Well I think you should read it's by Willie!

James Duggan
Elite Team USA

Do You Suffer From Paralysis By Analysis?
Does Your Business Suffer From Paralysis By Analysis?
Copyright 2004 by Willie Crawford

Let me ask you a simple question. "Now that you've spent months,perhaps years, studying how to build an on-line business, are you close to reaching your goals?" Have you started building that business? You've read hundreds of ebooks, hundreds of ezine articles, and gone through several courses. HONESTLY, you already know all that you need to know to make that dream a reality.

Now it's just a matter of putting some of what you already know into action. Yes, some of what you know can become dated.That's why it's critical that you put it into action now. You need to apply what you've already learned to get your business going. As things change, you need to read the industry publications and news to keep current, but information is growing exponentially... you'll never know it all.
You'll never be completely current, but you can't let that paralyze you into inaction.

"Money likes people who act fast!" That's what my buddy, Dr.Joe Vitale teaches. When he gets an idea, he acts upon it,IMMEDIATELY. That's totally unlike the majority of (less successful) people. They get an idea, and then they spend weeks,perhaps even months, thinking of all of the reasons why it might not work. Think it through, but don't over analyze! Don't become a victim of paralysis by analysis.

While you're thinking about it, someone else is acting upon"your" idea. Even if you introduce a similar product later, the market usually remembers who did it first. Think about Coke,Xerox, and Kleenex. They all have competitors, but they dominate segments of their markets because they burned themselves into their customers' consciousness, and were also the first to introduce certain products!

Yes, innovative competitors, who responded to market conditions more deftly, did out position them in some segments of their market, but not before they made huge profits for a very long time.

As we look at those starting on-line businesses, and why they don't move forward more often, the most common reason is glaringly obvious. Usually they have too many choices.
Sometimes, when we have too many choices, we refuse to make any choice. By default, we choose to do nothing. Out of fear of making the wrong choice, and losing out on what's offered by the other choices, we DON'T choose, and miss ALL of the opportunities.
If the above describes your primary problem, here's the solution....
Simply choose an option. If necessary, write them all on pieces of paper, put the pieces in a bag, and then reach in and pick out one! Narrow your options down to the top 3 to 5, put them in the bag, and get started on the one that you draw first.It's better just to prioritize based upon what needs to be done first. However, the "bag system" works if you need a tool for choosing ;-)

Another problem we sometimes encounter is - we don't act upon knowledge because if it's something we think we already knew, we assume everyone knows it, and therefore acting upon it will give us no competitive advantage. Even if it is something you already intuitively knew, look at whether or not others are using that knowledge. If not, you will gain a competitive advantage by using it.

An example of this is that I recently read a report on "how to get a better than #1 position on Google and Yahoo overnight."The report cost over $100 and was only 22 pages. When I buy information, the value is based upon content rather than the thud factor. Actually it's more valuable to me when I don't have to wade through a lot of "fluff" to get to the few actionable morsels in most documents that I read. Time is my most precious commodity; it's probably yours too.

The report mentioned above showed exactly how that author had achieve this incredible feat, explained why it worked, and explained how I could do it too. The stumbling block was that the information contained in the report made too much sense to me intuitively. I had one of those "I already knew that!" moments.However, when I asked myself if I'd actually effectively used that knowledge that I thought I already had, my answer was"no." When I applied the knowledge, I achieved the desired results :-)

The above example reminds us of something I often preach... the money is not in the knowing, it's in the doing. Anytime I get involved in explaining to a person with a "regular job" what I do on-line they understand. When I explain that I take pieces of information, compile them into ebooks or software, and then charge people for the privilege of downloading it, their eyes light up. When I explain to them that they can do something similar, they nod their heads... then they go back to doing a job that they hate and never even try to break free of the rat race.
Knowing is not the same as doing. Knowing does not achieve the same results as doing.

Fortunately, you're already different from the people mentioned above. You've already decided to take responsibility for making your life better. Now that you recognize what's probably holdingyou back, you have only one thing to do.

As the title of an article by Tameka Sowder instructed, you simply need to " Put Your Blinders On and Focus!" Do that now and 2005 will be the most incredibly year of your life!
By the way....If you're interested in the 22 page report that I considered worth over $100, after reading about it, you can get a copy at:

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,retired military officer, karate black belt, master networkmarketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He showspeople how to actually generate substantial income on-lineusing very simple, easily modeled systems. An example ofsuch a system that you can studyand duplicate is at:

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why Your Network Marketing Efforts Are Failing !

Why Your Network Marketing Efforts Are Failing!
Copyright 2004 by Willie Crawford

About once a week, I get someone struggling to build an on-line network marketing business come to me for advice.They want me to take a look at their website, and how they are doing business, and tell them WHAT they're doing wrong.They want suggestions on how to grow their business faster.

Let's begin by acknowledging that network marketing is nothing new. It's just telling acquaintances and prospects about products and services that you use and like. This is something that you do everyday. You enjoy sharing great discoveries with those you care about. The twist is that network marketing companies have formalized the referral system and compensates you for those referrals.

There is something KEY in the above definition that points to the first reason many I advise are struggling. Many people promote businesses that they don't honestly believe in. They don't honestly believe that those whom they introduce to the opportunity will benefit. Therefore, it feels like a SCAM to them... since it is, according to their OWN definition, a scam...and that very subtle message is conveyed in their every communication.

People communicate on many different levels. Our body language, and even our "tone" in our emails, says a lot more than most of us realize. If you want to get scientific about it, we're electro-magnetic creature who do give off electrical vibrations that others can sense. When you promote something that you don't honestly feel good promoting, you give off bad vibes... you produce bad karma that others pick up on.

Have you ever noticed that some people "make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?" You're picking up and responding physically to a very powerful communication. Don't ignore it!

The simple solution to the whole problem described above is to not promote anything (whether it's network marketing or usingother methods of marketing) that doesn't positively impact everyone concerned! There are a lot of great products and services out there that do just that. I'll share with you apersonal example...

If you've read my background, you'll know that I am a literal welfare to riches success story. I grew up so poor that at times we'd run out of kerosene to heat the house in the winter, and we'd go without heat until our next government subsistence check arrived. Growing up in that environment with my grandmother and two younger brothers, I didn't learn proper money management. I had no role models!

Naturally, when I discovered an on-line service that taught me that missing skill, and prevented me from squandering my growing wealth, I eagerly shared this with others that I knew needed this critical knowledge. There are so many people who don't know how to make money work FOR them. I now feel very good sharing that knowledge with others from my website at:

Take a few minutes and study that website! It's incredibly well-structured and works great. It doesn't have any of the problems I see with the websites that my clients struggle with.
If you have any of these common problems on your website you need to correct them immediately. If you can't correct them,then you need to build you own website rather than using the company-provided website. If the company won't let you create your own site, then you need to find another company since the one you're with is PREVENTING you from succeeding. Here are the common website errors we observe:
1) No clear explanation of what the website or business is about. Internet surfers are very impatient and if they can'tfigure out what the site's about in a few seconds, many will simply click away.

2) Forms asking for contact information without telling them what you're going to do with their information. People aren't going to give you their phone number and address, or even email address unless they know that they're only going to get information they want to receive. You have to sell them on the value - the "What's In It For Me?" - of having you follow up with them. You also have to assure them that you respect and will protect their private data.
People understand that you're asking for their contact information so that you can follow-up. Clearly tell them how you're going to follow-up and why they want you to do this.Explain precisely what benefit is in it for them?

3) No indication of who, or WHAT, is behind the site. Your website should have very clear contact information on it. A name, email address, phone number, and if practical a physical address should be on the site. Letting people see that there is a real person behind the site is what builds that essential trust. A photo on the site further builds the connection and lets them see that a real, ordinary person runs the business.

4) Proof that what the site says is true. Your making a statement does not provide proof. Others saying it, does provide some "proof." So you need testimonials and statements from a variety of people verifying and validating all of your assertions. These testimonials should have name, company, city and state, website url, etc. Vague testimonials with only a set of initials merely create suspicion. A testimonial with a photo is even more credible.

5) An understandable explanation of the compensation plan. I'm a college graduate with about 20 years of FORMAL schooling. Many of the websites that I read leave me totally CLULESS as to how I would get paid and how much. If your explanation or illustrations of your "payment plan" leave people confused, it will also leave them unsure. This is another area where, if the company provided website doesn't"cut it," then you need to create you own.
Take another look at how clearly things are explained at:

Study this business model. It was put together by a very brilliant friend from Indonesia. It works so well that she is frequently featured on television, in magazines and newspapers as the COUNTRY'S foremost Internet business expert.
After you've looked at the company, product or service, and website, then you need to look at your follow-up. This is one of those things that the Internet allows you to do easier by allowing you to automate much of it. Autoresponders are my favorite tool there, although not the only one.
You also need to incorporate email, chat, an interactive website,and YES even using the phone. Do all of these things right and your business is guaranteed to succeed. Do many of these things wrong, and it's guaranteed to fail.
Use the tips in this article as a checklist - today. Just do a point-by-point review. It's critical to your business survival! For some, it will clearly show why your network marketing efforts are failing!

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build successful on-line businesses since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio,magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie shares exclusive recordings from tele-seminars and brainstorming sessions, useful ebooks, software, and reprint rights at his exclusive membership site. Visit: